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Feb 11, 2018

Wayfinding Directories

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Our client, St. Joseph Hospital, needed to update the directories throughout their facility. After discussing new design options, artwork was created and approved for production.

Each directory consists of varying quantities of non-glare acrylic slats on a clear acrylic backer that is attached directly to the wall. Each slat and backer was precision cut on our AXYZ router, then the appropriate color and text was applied to each slat.

Assembly of the directories required careful placement of each slat while leaving the countersunk screw holes accessible for installation. The unapplied slats were installed on-site, after the directory was installed on the wall. Installation was performed by our professional installer. The first phase of the directory renovation is now complete.

Do you need wayfinding signs for your office or facility? If so, give us a call. We’d be happy to bring your vision to reality.
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