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Jan 28, 2018

Soothing Impressions

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Our client, HDC, wanted to create a soothing environment for patients in a new x-ray room and needed help to cover an unattractive electrical conduit.

Once the walls in the room were completed, field measurements were taken of the wall and the conduit location. Templates were created to visualize how the graphic, designed by the amazing folks at Montanio Design, would look on the wall. Upon approval, the order was put into production.

Using 3M 180C with 8520 lamination the six-panel project was printed and prepared for installation. Careful attention was paid to wrapping the conduit to minimize its distraction. Our crew of installers put up the wallcovering in about four hours.

The client was so thrilled with the results he called and thanked us for the beautiful transformation the wall covering created in the room. “I will definitely let people know, if they want top-notch murals or wall covering, Photomation is the one to call.”

Do you need to transform your walls into soothing works of art? If so give us a call. We’d love to bring your vision to reality.
We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™.

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