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May 21, 2017

Back Where it All Started

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Our client, North Island Credit Union, wanted to spruce up the look of their original branch located on the North Island Naval Air Station. This iconic facility has served the local community for many years. The marketing department at North Island Credit Union wanted to add pictures of the surrounding area and some of the military equipment used by its members.

Using 10 – 36″× 36″ and 5 – 36″× 72 ½″ thick acrylic beveled and polished edges and 3/16″ acrylic backing, StandOff hardware was used to sandwich the high quality photo print between the two pieces of acrylic for easy updates and changeouts.

Our team of installers went in after hours and performed the night-long installation. The new images spruce up the look of the facility and showcase the community the North Island Credit Union serves.

We do all kinds of graphics for walls, windows, floors and doors. Do you have an area that would benefit from some sort of enhancement or upgrade? If so, give us a call. We’d be happy to bring your vision to reality.
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