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Jul 31, 2016

Unique Donor Wall

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Our client, City of Huntington Beach, was in the final phases of constructing a brand new Senior Center when they approached Photomation to help design, manufacture and install a wall to honor donors to the project.

Utilizing special 3030 green acrylic to emulate the look of real glass, this whimsical design included a wallcovering background to accent the actual donor pieces. A clever “foot” designed into each piece, yet hidden in the track, created the spacing needed for each stacked piece.

Brushed aluminum channeling was used as vertical guides used to slide each piece into place. Vinyl lettering was applied to the back side of each piece to properly recognize each donor. Installation was performed by our team of professional installers. The client, and the community they serve, was very happy with the end result.

Do you have a donor wall or special project you need to get done? If so, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help bring your vision to reality. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

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Jul 24, 2016

Multilevel Historical Wall

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Our client, Petra-ICS, wanted to install graphics on two walls in their client’s downtown Anaheim facility. Working from amazingly creative layouts produced by Montanio Design, Photomation was asked to bring this design to life.

Each wall graphic is comprised of special metal panels on each end and decorative, sculpted wood connecting the two metal pieces. On top of both of those items were multiple levels of graphics and text. At some points, the graphics were up to 7 layers deep!

Each historical image was printed on our direct-to-board printer using ¼″ polished edge acrylic. Ranging in size from 8″×10″ to 36″×72″ there were 60+ graphics that adorned the two walls. Various thicknesses of blocks were used on the back of each piece to have them stand out to the proper depth.

Installation of these complex art pieces took over 100 man-hours to complete. It is hard to capture the true beauty of this installation in pictures. Employees who saw the progress of the installation loved the end result.

Do you have art you need printed and installed in your office? If so, give us a call. We’d be happy to help. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

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Jul 17, 2016

Celebrity Grill Facelift

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Our client, GMR, was tasked to upgrade concession graphics at the famous Del Mar Racetrack. Working with their client Blue Moon Beer, graphics were installed in several locations throughout the facility. One of the rooms we re-branded was the Blue Moon Celebrity Grill.

Beginning with graphics outside the restaurant located on the third level of the grandstand, we installed graphics on three walls measuring a combined 60′. Using 3M 180Cv3 with 8520 lam, this new wallcovering adds big brand awareness with a fresh, new look.

Moving through the Celebrity Grill entrance you will find several areas graphics were installed. First, you’ll notice graphics on the soffit above the buffet line. As your eyes move further into the room you will see graphics on the columns and outside a server’s station.

Heading outside to the terrace you will find 12 round tables where we installed new tabletop graphics reflecting the Blue Moon brand.

The Celebrity Grill was one of three areas we installed at Del Mar. Installation for the whole project took over three days to complete.

Do you need to re-brand part of your office or facility? If so, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help bring your vision to reality. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

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Jul 10, 2016

Hanging Banners

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We are often complimented on a simple little banner we have hanging in our lobby. It is used to welcome clients and guests who come to visit our facility. We also use it to celebrate a holiday or season we are in. This banner is a simple way to communicate to anyone who comes to our lobby that they are welcomed. Someone asked me, “Why don’t you share this on Knowledge Bytes?”

Using a wall mounted pole bracket, this 2′×5′ banner is an inexpensive way to add a message or communicate an idea to everyone who sees it. With our pole bracket, the banners can be made any length and you can use multiple brackets to enhance your message. Imagine your brand on display in multiple locations throughout your facility or in every corporate location you have.

What message would you want every customer to see when they visit your company? Give us a call, we can help recommend what would work best for your unique environment. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

Jul 3, 2016

Independence Day

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On behalf of all the people of Photomation, I wanted to extend our thanks to you for being our client. As we prepare to pause and celebrate the independence of our nation, we also want to pause and thank all of the brave men and women who so honorably serve our country around the world and help to keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Our office will be closed on Monday, July 4th. Enjoy your long, holiday weekend! We will be back at work on Tuesday, July 5th!

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