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Feb 28, 2016

Motivational Wallcovering

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Our client, CBRE, wanted to upgrade the interior look of a San Gabriel Valley Corporate Campus that is managed by the global commercial property management company. Jason Bonomo and Samantha Mays from CBRE worked with their Photomation Account Executive, Francisco Flores, to turn their vision into reality.

The goal of the wallcovering project was to enhance the environment at this location so tenants would enjoy their surroundings more and motivate them to exercise.

Photomation created design composites for the two walls totaling 61′ long by 9′ tall. Working closely with the client to meet their two-day turnaround requirement, designs were perfected and approved for production. High resolution stock images were purchased and placed into the final production files.

Using our HP 360 printer with latex inks, we loaded up 3M 180C adhesive vinyl and printed the job. 3M 8520 laminate was applied and the panels were trimmed and boxed for delivery to the job site.

Installation was done by our crew of professional installers and completed in one day and in time for an open house the next day. Our installers received many compliments from our client and their tenants about how good the walls looked.

Do you have an area in your company that you want to dress up to look fresh and new? If so, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help bring your vision to reality. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

Feb 14, 2016

From Anaheim to Orlando

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Our client, Partners Federal Credit Union, a Disney Members Credit Union, contacted their Photomation Account Executive, Francisco Flores about a project they needed for their location in Orlando, FL. The financial services company was remodeling a branch and wanted to get a new logo in their lobby. Working with Henry De La Espriella, Senior Designer from Partners FCU, Francisco offered some design ideas and a final concept was settled upon.

For this project, Photomation created a one-of-a-kind interior LED illuminated sign that can switch between a red or white rear halo effect. Using channel lettering with a divider in the middle, LEDs were place to provide front illumination while red and white LEDs were placed behind the divider to create the changeable halo glow.

The letter faces were printed using a backlit material and mounted to each individually routed piece of plexiglass. Different backlit materials were tested to ensure the best result with the LED illumination.

The whole sign was crated and shipped to Florida where a local sign company was used to finish the installation. Working bi-coastal can have its challenges, but our client was very happy with the final results!

Are you looking for a custom solution to your branding needs? If so, give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer solutions gear specifically to you. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

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Feb 7, 2016

Dimensional Lettering Adds Depth

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Dimensional lettering is another popular category of products produced by Photomation. Using a variety of metals and methods, we can create the perfect solution for your brand. Dimensional lettering can be used for interior and exterior applications.

Dimensional lettering can be manufactured from solid metals, metal faced PVC, PVC, acrylic or foam. Surfaces can be brushed or polished, painted or unpainted. We can add spot colors to enhance your brand. Combinations of metals and surfaces can create stunning looks and appealing results.

Installation of dimensional lettering is also a service we provide. Whether you want to use pins to have your lettering raised from the wall, or you want to use tape or silicone to adhere the lettering directly to the wall, our installation experts can make it happen.

When you want to add your logo or lettering to your walls, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you create the perfect solution for your brand. We are Photomation — Imagination Thrives Here™

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