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Apr 26, 2015

Measuring Matters

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“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”, “Seeing is believing”, “Measure twice, cut once” — these are familiar sayings we hear all the time at Photomation. What they all relate to is the proper measuring of a wall that is going to have wallcovering applied to it.

“It is important to do an actual field measurement of the wall or walls to be covered by our custom wall covering”, says company president, Charlene Hesketh. Often we are asked to quote a job based on architectural drawings or measurements taken by our client, or our client’s client. While these figures are fine for estimating purposes, we regularly find that the plan drawings differ from the finished wall. For that reason, to provide the best possible result during our installation, we do a field measurement of each wall prior to production beginning.

An on-site visit to the installation location will reveal items not anticipated in the original drawings. Sometimes equipment has been added, fire extinguishers installed, or last minute construction decisions required a wall to be lengthened or shortened. By the time our installers arrive, we want to make sure we have anticipated how the final result will look so there are no surprises for us or our client. Measuring matters. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Apr 19, 2015

It’s Playoff Time in Anaheim!

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Our client, Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, has made the playoffs again. To create a festive environment, the Club asked us to print and install several large graphics.

One “signature” graphic is a 10″ x 80″ arched image that you see as you enter from Katella Ave. The entrance to the arena’s “Playoff Spot” area, where wrapped pillars and window graphics welcome fans and helps to raise the excitement as they enter the arena.

Another “signature” graphic, the largest graphic, is the north domed window. This 45″ radius semicircle is printed in sections and installed piece by piece to create the graphic you see above.

Do you need to dress up your work environment? Give us a call. We are expert at bringing your vision to reality. Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

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Apr 12, 2015

Introducing Printed Frosted Vinyl

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Add an extra level of beauty when you add printed graphics to frosted vinyl. No longer are you confined to plain old frosted vinyl. Now we are able to print directly to a variety of frosted vinyl and cut most any design you would like to see in it as well.

The sample above is one of our salesperson’s door and it combines the techniques of printing and cutting on frosted vinyl to create a whole new look for partial privacy windows. Imagine what you could do with a large bank of windows, like a conference room or boardroom. Corporate logos, whimsical graphics, or any number of ideas could transform previously blank spaces into works of art. The possibilities are endless!

If you have a design idea you would like to see, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help bring your vision into reality. Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

Apr 5, 2015

Art, Technology Make Beautiful Graphics

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Our client, TIFA Concept Glass, contacted us about printing directly to tempered glass. They had a client who wanted to have glass kitchen backsplashes with a custom art design and wanted to know if we could help them.

Our solution was to use our direct-to-board printer to make this artwork come to life. Files were provided by TIFA and our technology, printing directly to glass substrates, turned the artist’s vision into reality.

Printed on 3/8″ tempered glass that was pre-cut to fit precisely into the kitchen’s backsplash area, we printed each image on the second surface of the glass and flooded the back with white ink. The precision of our printer allowed for very accurate registration of the image across multiple pieces of glass.

The end result is a design with a warm artistic touch compared to the otherwise limited variety of materials like tile, granite, marble, brick or painted backsplashes.

We love it when art and technology come together to make beautiful graphics. We are Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

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