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Mar 29, 2015

Improve Your Branding With Graphics

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Our client, North Island Credit Union, needed help to brand their newly renovated branches. Photomation Account Executive, Francisco Flores, worked with North Island’s Jill Faucher to come up with concepts and finalize the design direction.

All merchant areas were branded with 3M 180C adhesive vinyl with 8520 laminate. Merchant Services signs made from brushed aluminum measuring 48″×10″ using 3mm Aluminum DiBond. To create depth, a frame was applied to the perimeter of the sign. The whole piece was hung using a custom cable system designed to hang lightweight signs.

Some branches also had exterior window graphics installed. These windows were wrapped with 3M 180C and 8519 Laminate. Installation of the various elements was performed by our licensed electrical sign and wallcovering installers at all of the credit union’s various San Diego locations.

Do you have an area that you want to renovate at your facility and improve your branding? Give us a call. We are expert at bringing your imagination to reality. Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

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Mar 22, 2015

Sticks Like Magic

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Here is our newest imaging product to help you be a little more creative. Photomation has the ability to print directly to material called “magnetic receptive paper” to allow you to change images without replacing the frame or hardware.

What is magnetic receptive paper? I know it is a mouthful, but basically it is paper that has metal, ferrous metal to be precise, in it that allows it to stick to magnets. It’s kind of the opposite of a magnetic print that sticks to metal…this is a “metal” print that sticks to magnets. The material comes in rolls and is available in widths up to 60″.

We have just begun to explore the many uses of this technology but some of the unique items we have been able to produce so far is a frame that allows you to change the image without changing the frame. We have even created special plexiglass displays that allow for quick and easy change outs of the graphic.

Imagine a wall system that would allow you to update your message on a monthly or quarterly basis. Just set the rolled-up graphic in position and let it unfurl into position. It sticks like magic!

If you have a unique need or challenge give us a call. We’ll be glad to show you several options to help you achieve your goal. We are Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

Mar 15, 2015

Celebrating Our 7th Year of PKB

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With this edition, Photomation Knowledge Bytes, PKB, celebrates it’s 7th year of bringing you weekly articles showcasing the various products and services we offer to our clients.

We began these postings back in February 2008 highlighting a project we did for CHOC Hospital at an Anaheim Ducks hockey game at Honda Center. Click here to see that original posting.

In the previous 363 editions, we have shown you a wide variety of products and the unusual applications our clients have asked us to do…all to help provide a solution to a client’s need.

We have used past editions of Knowledge Bytes to show current clients possible solutions to their challenges, to show prospective clients we understand their business, and to show all clients of the depth and breadth of our capabilities.

To see archives of all of our Knowledge Bytes, go to our home page at and click on the “Blog” button, or click on this link to take you there directly. You will find each edition is saved by month and by year. Take a look around. If there is something that you want to know more about, give us a call. We look forward to serving you for the next 7 years!

Mar 8, 2015

Unique Framing Solution

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Our client, Fineline Graphics, asked their Photomation Account Manager, Mike Mertz, for some help with a unique project. Mike met with the client and discussed their concept and offered printing, matting, framing and installation solutions. Our client reviewed all the information, along with samples, and decided on a final design.

Photomation printed images of the University’s Board of Directors, then custom matted them with personalized plaques and inserted those into 48 custom frames. We assembled each frame assuring names and images matched perfectly.

Our team of professional installers hung dimensional letters and a logo, then they installed all 48 frames in a precise pattern using security locks to secure the frames on the wall.

When you require graphics, framing, dimensional letters and installation – call the professionals at Photomation – Imagination Thrives Here™

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Mar 1, 2015

60 Years Young

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On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Photomation will celebrate our 60th year of service to Southern California businesses. As a graduate of Art Center College of Design, when it was located in downtown Los Angeles, my father opened his doors as a portrait photographer in Anaheim in 1955.

As the county grew and the need for commercial photography grew, Dean Hesketh emerged as one of the county’s most sought after photographers. Soon he found a need for local photographic printing and processing of film and that is when he changed the company name to Photomation.

A leader in B/W Volume Printing for the Public Relations industry, the company expanded into the “new” area of color printing and color film processing. The company continued to grow through the rest of the 20th century until Dean handed the reigns of the company to the next generation of imaging professionals.

As digital imaging was emerging in the late 1990’s, Photomation was leading the digital revolution that kicked-off in earnest in 2001. As conventional processing was waning, digital imaging was increasing and so was the company. In the mid 2000’s, film processing was eliminated and new digital imaging technologies and products were introduced.

That trend continues today as Photomation increased our line of digital imaging products in the past year with the addition of Direct-To Board products, 104″ wide banners, graphics and fabrics, HP’s latest Latex 64″ wide printer and our 60″ wide Graphtec cutter/plotter.

Photomation may have turned 60, but we are a very young company at heart with lots of experience and imagination. We are proud to count Southern California’s largest corporations and businesses as our clients. We value the trust they put in us and we know we need to work hard every day to earn it.

For the coming year we have changed our logo to reflect our 60th birthday and we have updated our tagline. It represents the ongoing improvement of our products and services while paying tribute to our rich legacy and heritage. Thank you for being our client. We love to serve you and as we like to say, “Imagination Thrives Here™”

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