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Feb 22, 2015

Interchangeable Graphics

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Our client, North Island Credit Union, needed help to brand their newly renovated branches. Photomation Account Executive, Francisco Flores, worked with North Island’s Jill Faucher to come up with concepts and finalize the design direction.

To provide an updated look Photomation fabricated 18″×x18″ rear illuminated aluminum frames with white LED’s in the back to create a “halo or glow effect” on the wall. On the face, we used 18″×x18&Prime ½″ thick beveled acrylic with polished edges and stand off hardware for easy removal and change-out of the marketing posters. A poster print was sandwiched between the acrylic and the aluminum frame. Each branch had from 6 to 12 LED frames installed.

Self-standing, 26″ wide by 72″ tall acrylic displays were also made from translucent acrylic with 18″×x18″ acrylic frames and brochure holders attached to each side. The graphics used in this display could be interchanged with the rear-illuminated frames to stretch their marketing dollars. There were several other improvements we made to each branch and we will talk about those in a future Knowledge Byte.

If your area needs a minor upgrade or a complete make-over, give us a call. We have lots of experience, expertise and imagination to help improve your environment. At Photomation, we mean it when we say, Imagination Thrives Here.™

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Feb 15, 2015

Temporary Wall Graphics

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Our client, St. Jude Medial Center, wanted a short-term way to promote the opening of their newest medical center tower so they contacted their Photomation Account Executive, Ed McIntosh, to explore options. Ed visited the site, took pictures and made measurements.

Working with Karen Cannizzaro, VP, Facilities and Plant Operations, Ed proposed using a special 3M adhesive vinyl designed to be easily removed and provide good adhesion to the 30′×9′ rust colored metal wall. The graphic was printed and laminated then put up by our installer.

After nine days, the first graphic was removed and a new graphic was put up in its place. This second graphic is scheduled to be in place for only a few months. The client was very happy that we could find a solution for her temporary need.

We have all kinds of experience and expertise with a wide range of clients and special projects. If you have an unusual need, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help. Imagination Thrives Here.™

Feb 8, 2015

Installations Finish the Job

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Did you know Photomation is a licensed installer for everything from wallcovering to electrical signs? Our installers are all over Southern California every week installing a variety of images, graphics and signs.

We install dimensional lettering, vinyl lettering, frosted vinyl, picture frames, frames with security hangers, wallcovering, vehicle wraps, window graphics, LED signs, non-illuminated signs, and more!

Photomation designs, prints and INSTALLS signs, graphics and framing for businesses. We help you build your brand, increase product awareness and promote your community involvement. Imagination Thrives Here™

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