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Mar 30, 2014

One Way, Two Ways

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One Way Window Perf film is a unique product designed to be applied to the outside of windows to display a graphic while maintaining the ability to look out the window from the inside. The product has two major applications. These uses come from two different ratios or percentages of “hole to material” in the way the window perf is made.

Most commonly, you’ll see window perf on moving vehicles like buses or the back windows of cars and trucks. This material is known as “50/50 Window Perf” because in a given square inch of material, there is 50% “material” and 50% “hole”. By law, any window in a motorized vehicle that has window perf on it must use the 50/50 type. It is unlawful to cover a windshield, front driver or passenger windows. This material allows for good nighttime visibility when looking out windows in vehicles.

Another material is “65/35 Window Perf” and it has a 65% “material” to 35% “hole” ratio. The result is more material to put ink on and thus a brighter, more colorful graphic can be created using this material. This product is ideal for graphics on storefront windows or on interior office windows and doors where you want to add a promotional or decorative touch. You are still able to see out of the 65/35 material, you will just see a slightly darker “window tint” effect when looking from the inside of the glass.

If you want to put graphics on your windows while still being able to see out of them, give us a call. We’ll be happy to show samples to you so you can see that One Way comes two ways.

Mar 23, 2014

Night Time Visibility

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One of our more interesting product is our Reflective Adhesive Vinyl. With this material, we can print graphics that are visible at night. Similar to traffic signs you see every day (or night) on the roadside, this adhesive material can be printed with any logo or design of your choosing.

Reflective Vinyl is not self luminescent. Its properties aren’t apparent in normal daylight conditions. It is specifically designed to be visible at night when stricken with artificial light such as that from motor vehicle headlights. 

From the pictures above you can see what the signs look like in normal daylight conditions and what the reflective material looks like when light is shined on it. 

If you have a bright idea on how you can use this interesting product, give us a call. We’ll be happy to bring your vision to light!

Mar 16, 2014

Truly Impressive Branch

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Our client, Southland Credit Union, opened a new branch in Santa Monica. Matt Herrick Vice President of Marketing with Evelyn Bowen and Josh Wilson from Southland reached out to Francisco Flores to design wall covering that showcased some of Santa Monica’s history. Using historical photographs, Photomation’s design group created a concept and the client approved it. Custom digital wall covering was printed on 3M 180C and laminated with 8520.

Frosted “waves” were cut on 3M frosted vinyl for décor and privacy on glass separating customer service representatives. The Southland Credit Union logo was fabricated on metal using ½″ solid aluminum with polished edges and brushed finished. Installation of the logo was done with ½″ stud spacers to create a nice shadow effect the on wall.

Custom brochure displays were fabricated from 1/8″ acrylic and mounted using a Stand Off cable system. Acrylic “Next Window Please” signs were fabricated to fit the new layout on the teller’s bullet-proof windows. Frosted vinyl was applied to street facing windows to add privacy to the interior of the branch. Our team of professional installers put up the wall covering, three-dimensional signs, frosted vinyl and acrylic displays.

The result of using exceptional materials with expert craftsmen and installers created a truly impressive credit union branch that is now open to serve its members.

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Mar 2, 2014

Training Room Renovation

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Our client, Amway, asked their Photomation Account Manager, Mike Mertz, for help producing wall covering for their newly remodeled training room.

Mike met with their staff to review the area that needed to be covered. Precise measurements were taken and that information was relayed back to the designers to create the artwork and print-ready file.

After the artwork was approved, Mike sent the file to our print production for imaging on our earth-friendly wall covering material, Terra Decorus™. The finished 31′×9′ mural was reviewed by our quality control manager to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Mike scheduled our professional installers to hang the wall covering at a convenient time so we would not interrupt the client’s on-going corporate training. Additional whiteboards were installed to complete this project. Our client was thrilled with the results.

When you need help with facilities interior artwork and signage of any kind, call the professionals at Photomation. We’ll be glad to help you.

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