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Nov 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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As we approach Thanksgiving, I just wanted to pause and say “Thanks” for allowing me and the people of Photomation to serve you. I hope your holiday finds you with friends, family or loved ones and time to reflect on the many opportunities we have in this great country of ours.

I am grateful for the confidence you put in me to help make your job easier. May your turkey be moist and your mashed potatoes not lumpy!

Our office will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 28th and 29th. We will be back open on Monday, December 2nd.

From all of us at Photomation, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov 17, 2013

Tournament Graphics

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Our client, Sunshine Makers, the corporation that manufactures and distributes Simple Green products worldwide called their Photomation Account Manager, Mike Mertz to help produce signage and graphics for their sponsored US Open Handball tournament.

Mike met with their marketing executives and discussed best product solutions for their sponsored event. After review, they sent Photomation a variety of hard backed and flexible graphic requests.

Photomation printed, laminated and mounted graphics as well as directional signage for use at the Los Caballeros Sports Facilities in Fountain Valley, CA where the four day event was held. Hardback graphics were produced for use on staircases and flexible graphics for railings. Some of the graphics were 10 feet wide.

Sunshine Makers knew they could count on their Photomation partner to meet their tight schedule with quality graphic solutions. The tournament, as well as the graphics, was a huge success.

Nov 10, 2013

Maximizing Visual Impact

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Our client, NuVision Federal Credit Union, wanted to promote their Home Loan program. Our solution was to create custom acrylic stands that deliver maximum visual impact in an efficient design. Jennifer Stewart-Tai, Marketing Specialist for NuVision, contacted her Photomation account executive, Francisco Flores, to fabricate the displays.

Customized brochure holders were made to allow easy change out of the rate sheets and brochures with our uniquely designed system. Using a ½″ thick brushed aluminum base, 2″×1″ square tubing was welded to it to support the two 20″x72″ pieces of blue acrylic with all the brochure holders attached. The display uses 118 pieces of Stand Off brushed aluminum hardware.

All acrylic was flamed polished to improve the look. Title letters were laser cut and added on top of a yellow background printed on our LightJet digital printer.

Once assembled, these acrylic displays were delivered to multiple branch locations throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties.

The acrylic displays achieved the goal of delivering maximum visual impact while promoting the Home Loan program at each branch.

Nov 3, 2013

Adding Artwork to Office Spaces

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Our client, Amway, wanted to add over-sized, permanent artwork in some of their office spaces. They called their Photomation Account Manager, Mike Mertz, to ask for a solution. Mike met with them and suggested our Terra Decorus™ wall covering product. Terra Decorus™ is a type II wall covering that is made of 30% recycled materials offers LEED credits and is permeable. The clients discussed their material options and decided to move forward with Mike’s suggestion.

A file was sent to our digital department via our WebCourier™ upload, located on our website home page. Our staff preflighted their file and a test strip/proof was printed for the client’s review. After approval, Mike sent the final into production and scheduled installation.

Mike and our wall covering installer went to their location and hung the panels. Five hours later they were done. The client stopped by prior to departure and was thrilled with the results.

Another job well done.

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