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Aug 26, 2012

Window Graphics Improve Visibility, Sales

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Our client, Medieval Times, wanted help to increase sales to their dinner show and tournament held nightly in Buena Park, Ca. Working with Client Support Supervisor, Mary Holguin, our client developed graphics to be installed on the windows of a Disneyland Resort Area hotel.

These graphics were installed on windows outside of the hotel’s daily breakfast buffet room. With the full support and cooperation of the hotel, these four window graphics are seen by every hotel guest entering their eating establishment as well as those guests who walk or drive by the hotel lobby.

Production of the graphics was done on a 65/35 window perf material, where the holes in the material are only 35% of each square inch. We use this type of material on building windows to improve the visibility of the image while maintaining the “see-through” quality of the material from the inside of the room.

Installation was completed in a couple of hours and, based on the comments the installer received during the process, the new graphics achieved their goal of increased awareness and ticket sales to the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament show.

If you want to increase your sales, give us a call. We have many ways to help communicate your message to existing and prospective clients.

Aug 25, 2012

Wallcovering Lasts Longer, Costs Less

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Commercial grade wallcoverings are easier to clean, require less maintenance, provide more durability and look better longer than paint. Any type of wall treatment, whether it is paint or wallcovering, is a major investment. It is wise to carefully consider the total cost of installation and maintenance of both products over the length of their useful lives. When you do that, you will see that wallcoverings are the more cost-effective option over paint.

Few will argue that digital wallcovering can create a more dramatic impact than paint. Nothing can change the look and feel of a room better than digital wallcovering.

Surveys show that in commercial settings, paint begins to show noticeable wear and needs to be reapplied every three years. Yet wallcovering can hold it’s fresh appearance and ease of maintenance for 10 years or more. Wallcoverings offer many times the durability, cleanability and wall protection of paint.

The next time you are considering wall treatments, consider the elegance and practicality of wallcoverings as the cost-effective alternative to the inconvenience and expense of constant painting and repainting.

Aug 5, 2012

Banners Improve Sales

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Our client, Epmar Corporation, needed banners to send to distributors of their products. They were looking for an effective, low cost way to promote their brand and their products to prospective customers. Epmar designed their 2′×5′ banner. When we received the file we noticed that the type was close to the edge and would have stitching going through it. We added background to the image so the type was no longer in the way of the stitches. Our client appreciated that we would take the time to make their banner better.

Photomation printed, sewed and then installed 6 grommets in each banner. The total order used nearly 300′ of material and took less than a week to produce. The final banners were packed in bulk and delivered to our client. They loved how they looked and were excited to get them into the hands of their distributors because they knew these banners would increase sales of their products.

If you want to increase your sales, give us a call. With our experience and expertise, we can help you create the right solution for your market and budget.

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