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May 20, 2012

Possibilities are Endless

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One of the tools we have to make fantastic frames is to use our computerized mat cutter. This great device has replaced the years gone by method of cutting a mat by hand. In its place, our mat cutter has brought a whole new level of productivity and creativity.

Each mat begins on our monitor where we determine the proper opening size, position and alignment. With the click of a mouse we can change from a single mat to a double mat or triple mat opening. Openings for custom nameplates can be added to create the customized mat to exactly your specifications.

Creatively, we can add V-grooves, reverse bevel openings, or add special corners from a library of shapes and sizes. Combine effects to make your frame one you will cherish for a lifetime.

Need a frame and want to do something fun with it? Give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you. Computerized mat cutting…the possibilities are endless!

May 13, 2012

Box Office Hit

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Our client, Citizen’s Business Bank Arena, needed to brand a new ticketing system offered by the arena’s parent company AEG. The goal was to attract attention to the box office windows and to get the new system’s name, AXS, into visiting guests minds.

Using the theme of klieg lights, our artist designed the graphic you see above. The overall dimension of the wall graphic is 9′ tall by 23′ long. Printed on 3M 180C with 8520 lam, this wallcovering was expertly installed in less than 4 hours.

The result is a brand new look for a brand new brand. The client loved the result. Another box office hit by Photomation.

May 6, 2012

Access, Ideas, Answers

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Our client, Gary Graves of Graves Advertising Plus, contacted us to produce a wall graphic of the logo he created for the newly renovated Fullerton Library. The 8′×6′ graphic serves as the backdrop of the library’s community room and conference center. The client’s goal was to have the painted wall surface surround each individual piece of the wall graphic.

Printed on 3M 180C with 8520 lam, this wall-sized decal was then kiss-cut on our Zund digital die cutting machine. Transfer tape was applied and the graphic was readied for installation. Using our installer, the image was positioned and permanently placed on the wall.

The new graphic adds a whole new look to the plain wall that existed previously. Our client, and the library staff, was thrilled with the result. The theme of Access, Ideas, Answers is well represented by this new wall graphic.

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