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Apr 24, 2011

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

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Transforming environments are what we are all about at We take ordinary walls and transform them into something completely new and extraordinary.

Let your imagination run wild on what you want to put on the walls in your office, lobby, restaurant, hotel or home! We are constantly pushing the envelope and taking our client’s vision and making it a reality. Our custom digital vinyl wallcovering comes in a variety of textures just right for your project. Use our wallcovering to accent one wall or cover an entire room to create a brand new look.

How can I help you transform your plain, painted ordinary walls and make them extraordinary? Give me a call, send me an e-mail or talk to me on Facebook or LinkedIn. We are in the business of making your walls look extraordinary!

Apr 17, 2011

Another Winning Combination

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Our client, Southland Credit Union, recently launched a new credit card program and needed a fresh, dynamic Point-of-Sale display to trumpet the launch of its new product to its member-owners. The Credit Union turned to its trusted partner, Francisco Flores and Photomation, to create a fun, unique display that would convey the feel and theme of ‘Everyday Freedom.’

Starting from a couple of concepts, Matt Herrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing along with his team of Royce Ngiam, Director of Advertising and Market Research and Evelyn Bowen, Director of Marketing, worked closely with Francisco Flores Photomation’s Graphic Consultant in designing a three dimensional display that incorporated movement and depth while highlighting the credit cards themselves and finishing with the promotional offer. These 72″ tall displays utilize a combination of materials and techniques to enhance and emphasize each aspect of the display. For example, a digital metallic photo print was used to enhance the new look of the cards — these gorgeous examples are the first thing the members see and help draw attention to the displays. The brace/hinge that attaches the contour image of the couple to the backboard utilizes a custom acrylic molded arm, which allows the couple to ‘run’ when touched, creating movement and depth in the display. For stability and longevity, the backboard was created on a 3mm Diebond substrate instead of a more traditional Gator board, which lends to durability, while enhancing the rich colors in the background. Acrylic flamed polished cleats were used to create a floating appearance on the credit cards. 3D lettering on the header was cut with our Zund Digital Die Cutter.

With the launch of the credit cards a success, the branch teams were asked what prompted the members to apply for a credit card, and the overwhelming response was ‘the new displays!’  Another winning combination from Southland Credit Union and Photomation!

Southland Credit Union, headquartered in Los Alamitos, is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution that serves more than 40,000 members in Orange County, surrounding gateway cities, and Downtown Los Angeles. A full service financial institution, Southland Credit Union has four branch locations and offers a complete suite of financial products ranging from checking accounts to home mortgages. Southland is dedicated to community involvement and community education.

Apr 3, 2011

Open and Shut Graphics

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One of the more fun things we do here at Photomation is help people put graphics in unusual places. Recently we have been working on a couple of projects involving graphics on elevator doors.

Elevators are a natural place to put graphics because they are seen by many people and they move…well, better said, they open and close. There are all sorts of images you can put onto elevator doors. Some clients will want to use them to show off their company branding. Others will want to use them to reinforce a program or theme they are promoting within their organization. Still others just like to have fun with the space and use it to create a smile.

If you have an idea of what you would like to see on your elevators, give me a call.  I’ll be happy to discuss how we can make an open and shut case for elevator graphics.

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