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Jul 27, 2010

Where the Turf Meets the Surf

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Our client, Brown-Forman, needed branding for a concession stand “where the turf meets the surf” at the famous Del Mar Race Track, located in Del Mar, Cal.  Armed with a camera and a tape measure, we began the process of transforming the area into a Jack Daniel’s themed stand.

Designs were created by Photomation’s VP of Digital Imaging, Brian Mundy, and after a few rounds of revisions, the graphics were approved for production.  The client’s goal was to use materials that could be easily removed and re-purposed when the need arose.

For the Del Mar Jack Daniel’s stand we created an 8′×12′ wall graphic, consisting of 3- 4′×8′ DigitalMaster™ prints mounted to 3/16″ black gator, two banners 24′ long, two 24″ logo signs, a menu board 72″ long, a 40″ circle logo, various outdoor logo signage and cut vinyl of the logo to look like frosted glass.

All the graphics were transported to Del Mar from our Anaheim location. Installation was handled by three people from Photomation and took about 6 hours to complete.  We received many compliments about the finished look of the stand.  The new stand is a sure bet for the Jack Daniel’s brand, “where the turf meets the surf, at Del Mar.”


Jul 20, 2010

Measuring Matters

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“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”, “Seeing is believing”, “Measure twice, cut once” — these are familiar sayings we hear all the time at What they all relate to is the proper measuring of a wall that is going to have wallcovering applied to it.

“It is important to do an actual field measurement of the wall or walls to be covered by our custom wall covering”, says company president, Matt Hesketh. Often we are asked to quote a job based on architectural drawings or measurements taken by our client, or our client's client. While these figures are fine for estimating purposes, we regularly find that the plan drawings differ from the finished wall. For that reason, to provide the best possible result during our installation, we do a field measurement of each wall prior to production beginning.

An on-site visit to the installation location will reveal items not anticipated in the original drawings. Sometimes equipment has been added, fire extinguishers installed, or last minute construction decisions required a wall to be lengthened or shortened. By the time our installers arrive, we want to make sure we have anticipated how the final result will look so there are no surprises for us or our client. Measuring matters. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Jul 12, 2010

Fence and Rail Graphics

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Our client, Brown-Forman, needed graphics to promote Korbel, one of the brands they represent.  What they needed was directional signage that generated awareness of the Korbel brand and graphics to help define a special “Korbel Lounge” at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, Ca.

We presented multiple design options on both the Korbel Lounge logo and graphic treatments for the areas were requesting.  Once a design was finalized, production began.  The directional signage was printed on a mesh vinyl material to allow wind to move through it without damaging the graphic.  The rail graphics were printed on banner material and sewn with rounded corners to conform to the existing rail shape.

Installation included attaching the mesh material to the wooden fence with screws and with zip-ties on the chain link fencing.  The rail banners were sized to slip over the railings and were secured with ties at the bottom.  All of the installation work was performed in one day.

The result is more brand awareness for Korbel, a way to direct patrons to the Korbel Lounge, and a defined and branded space within the Korbel Lounge itself.  Our client was well pleased with the results.

Jul 7, 2010

Serene, Tranquil Canvas

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Our client, St Joseph Health System, asked us to create digital wall covering for seven imaging rooms at their new acute care tower at Mission Hospital. Working with the Health System's designers, we digitized all of the artwork and digitally stitched the images together in Photoshop. A single wall may contain up to 5 different pieces of art.

We took a great deal of care when taking all of the field measurements because a lot of the imaging equipment and cabinet fixtures were already in place — there was no room for error. In addition to this, we also made 40″ wide proofs for each room. We took this extra step to ensure that our client was pleased with the digital compositing, color correcting and overall density before running the final pieces on our digital printer.

The transformation was amazing. We took blank white walls and turned them into a serene and tranquil canvas. The goal of the Health System was to create a soothing and healing environment for their patients. Clearly, this was accomplished with the completed installation. We are proud that we can help to create a peaceful and curative environment for the hospital's patients.

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