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Aug 31, 2009

For the Tenacious No Road is Impassable

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Our Client, Pacific Communications Group, needed us to create an interactive DVD for their client, Spyker of North America, LLC. We’ve been building interactive discs for over 10 years and welcomed the opportunity to work on one for this unique vehicle.

“Nulla tenaci invia est via: For the tenacious no road is impassable”, is the motto for Spyker Cars. Founded in 1875 as a coach builder, Spkyer built its first motorcar in 1898. The company later built fighter aircraft and engines. Spyker Cars started in 2000 as a Dutch manufacturer of hand-crafted, premium sports cars. The racing and aviation heritage of the early cars can be seen in Spyker’s distinctive propeller and wheel logo.

Working closely with our client, we created a look that is pure Spyker. Our interactive disc took supplied documents, heritage photography and current model year images and combined them into an elegant and easy to use HTML-based interface. Users are offered the option of launching the interface or going directly to the image content.

The interface required the creation of hundreds of small files, accomplished with the use of custom programming done by Photomation, yet all of that complexity is hidden from the user of the disc who only sees a single file they can click on to start browsing.

As Spyker Cars motto states, “For the tenacious no road is impassable.” For the folks at Photomation, “No disc is impossible.”

Aug 25, 2009

Out of This World Experience

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Our client, Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the US Space Program, Apollo’s manned landing on the surface of the moon. Photomation Account Manager and Solutions Specialist, Mike Mertz, worked closely with the Curator and exhibit staff to discuss ideas to highlight the museum’s newest exhibit. Photomation produced exterior banners shown at the Library’s main entrance. In addition, a large interior banner was produced and hung at the exhibit.

The exhibit includes several 360-degree photographic panorama images Photomation printed from original NASA film files. These 10 foot wide photo prints are mounted to exhibit-grade sintra, laminated with UV protective coating and hung with hidden inset wall cleats to give the appearance that the images float on the wall.

This historic exhibit at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA runs through January 2010. It is an out of this world experience.

Aug 17, 2009

Donor Plaque is Real Pane

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Our client, Chapman University, needed a donor recognition plaque updated with a list of current donors. These recognition plaques are seen everywhere at universities, hospitals, performance centers, etc. This particular plaque is located outside the office of the President of Chapman University.

Working with Chris Baiocchi, Associate Director, Annual Giving at Chapman University, we removed the plaque and brought it back to our facility. The list of donors was input, sized and cut out of vinyl. Care was taken to match the previous color, font and size.

Once we had output all the names for the plaque, we installed the lettering on the glass, in reverse so the text is “right-reading” through the glass. The completed glass donor plaque was then installed back at Chapman University. Chris was very pleased with the result. We'd like to say the project was a real pane, but we thought you would see right through that bad pun.

Aug 10, 2009

It’s Miller Time in Anaheim!!

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Our client, GMR, asked us to put a new face to their two concession stands at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Three years ago, we did the original graphics for their stands and they liked them so much, we were asked to do our magic again this year.

Working with renderings from the client, we printed new graphics for the walls, columns and floors for each stand. Our professional installers carefully applied the 3M 180C products. Two backlit Miller Lite logo signs created and installed. New counter tops were made and set in place. Completion of the two new stands took about a week.

Looking at the result, we are very pleased with how it turned out. The next time you are at a concert or Anaheim Ducks hockey game, stop by and have a cold, refreshing beer. It is Miller time in Anaheim!!

Aug 3, 2009

Impressive Performance

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Our client, GMR, asked us to bring their vision of a Coors Light branded bar to reality at NOKIA Theatre at L.A. Live. Located near downtown next to the L.A. Convention Center and STAPLES Center, the NOKIA Theatre is a world-class venue that has hosted many top music performers, the Grammy’s, the ESPY’s and the American Idol Finale.

Working from artist renderings, we took their design concepts and created the bar you see above. The side walls were covered in a pearl finished stainless steel and an LED back-lit Coors Light logo sign was installed. The front bar area had a custom built LED backlit sign with a blue to white gradation on the signature mountains and the back of the bar area had an LED edge-lit sign installed that cycles the white of the mountains from bright to dim. As a finishing touch, a mirrored ceiling was installed above the bar counter.

Lead-time to manufacture the light boxes was about a month and installation took place over the course of a week. Both the client and the venue were extremely pleased with the results. It was an impressive performance by the folks at Photomation.

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