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Jul 27, 2009

No More Tickets, Only Smiles

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Our client, Waterman, came to us because he had a problem. Seems that the California Highway Patrol kept pulling his vehicles over because he was lacking the proper vehicle identification number on his fleet of service trucks. He also wanted to upgrade his logo and asked us if we could help him out.

Our artists came up with several designs to choose from, one was selected and vehicle graphics were commissioned. The graphics were installed on every driver and passenger side doors and on the rear lift gates for the service vehicles so equipped. Oh yeah, and we also added ID numbers the CHP was looking for.

Waterman loved the logo so much he asked us to help him incorporate it’s use in letterhead, envelopes and business cards as well as for their website mast head. Now our client has no more tickets, only smiles.

Jul 20, 2009

Divinely Inspired Installation

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Our client, Eastside Christian Church, approached us with a vision. In preparation for the launch of their “Values Statement”, they had new artwork created that stated their values of “Pursue God”, “Build Community” and “Unleash Compassion.”

Using adhesive vinyl wall covering, we dropped in the surrounding wall color into the artwork so when it was installed, it looked like it was painted on the wall. Next we printed the three “Values” and mounted them to beveled and polished edge plexiglass. Those pieces were installed using stainless steel standoffs that put each piece at a different height on the wall.

The end result was well received by the congregation. It was a divinely inspired installation.

Jul 14, 2009

Great People to Hang With

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On Tuesday, July 7th we hosted a local chapter meeting for NGPP, the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc. These are the professionals who hang wallpaper and wall coverings for a living. The local chapter President, Ed Walker, approached us to see if we would let his group come in for a tour. They particularly wanted to know more about how custom wall coverings are printed and inspected prior to hanging.

After serving a light meal and soft drinks, we began the facility tour by showing them samples of the variety of wall covering materials we can print on. Each attendee was given a notebook with samples to take with them.

Next, we moved through production and showed the variety of images we have on display using different materials. We also highlighted a job in progress for a hospital and the lengths we go to ensure good color and matching patterns from panel to panel.

We continued the tour in our digital department where we showed them how we create the large multi-panel mural files for printing. Then we went into the printing room and showed how we make each panel and check them for color and accuracy. The evening ended with a Q & A session around a large table that had panels laid out for inspection.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the NGPP meeting at your facility on Tuesday - thanks so much for inviting “The Guild””, said one attendee. “I was very impressed with your attention to detail and the color quality.”

Guild members enjoyed the tour, the exchange of information, and the samples they could take with them. The folks at NGPP are great people to hang with.

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Jul 7, 2009

Hall of Fame Bar Renovation

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Our client, GMR, asked us to renovate a bar at the San Diego Padres Hall of Fame Bar & Grill. Working with installation experts, we removed the old bar components and began to bring the new vision to life.

We resurfaced the back of the bar with a stainless steel laminate and added branding elements to the top of the back bar area. Next, we added shelving including three deluxe cabinets with a cascading light effect and shelving.

The lower front of the bar had graphics added to a special lightbox where similar cascading lighting effects were used to create a dramatic new look to the whole environment.

Photomation is not your usual graphics company. We are more than just pretty pictures. We can help you create a whole new look to most any environment. Give us a call and let us show you how.

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