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Feb 26, 2008

That’s a Wrap!

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Our client, Fullerton Unified School District, came to us needing a new face on an older bus. The old bus had cracking and peeling graphics. Working with our production team, we printed new graphics and installed them on the freshly painted bus. But this is not your ordinary school bus.

In the Arts Learning Activities Bus (Arts LAB) program, two surplus school buses have been transformed into mobile digital arts studios. Each bus is equipped with camcorders, sound equipment, and laptop computers, and skilled artist/educators travel with the Arts LAB to every kindergarten through sixth grade school in the District.

Initiated in 2003, the Arts LAB program was the only District -wide Visual and Performing Arts Program in California to receive a Golden Bell Award in 2007.

As we finished the job on the student moviemaking bus you could almost hear the children saying, “Cut! That’s a wrap!!”

Feb 18, 2008

Creative Casting

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That was the request from ad agency DGWB.  The agency was responsible for creating visual graphics for the Anaheim Ducks CHOC Night at Honda Center.  DGWB asked Photomation to wrap ten columns at Honda Center, four of which they wanted made to look like a cast so people attending the game could write get well wishes to the children at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

“We showed our client several options of material they could use to make the columns look like a cast”, says Photomation president Matt Hesketh.  “While we have done many column wraps at Honda Center, nobody has ever asked us to make one look like a cast.  I brought the task back to the great people who work at Photomation and they came up with the best way to make it happen.”

One twist was that the client wanted to display the signed “casts” at CHOC once the event was over.  “We had to take that into consideration in using a product that would roll into the shape of a cast then be able to lay flat on a wall once it was all signed”, says Hesketh.  Due to event scheduling at Honda Center, all the graphics had to be installed on game day and removed right after the game.  “Both the installation and the removal went very smooth.  Everyone involved was thrilled with the end result.”, says Hesketh.

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