Our Privacy Policy

Photomation maintains and operates the following websites:

These websites gather user related data in various ways in order to help us serve our customers better. Your comfort in trusting us with your personal information is important to us so in order to inform you of exactly how such data is collected and used we have created this privacy policy.

Before we detail exactly how, what, and why we collect this data it is important to state that we will not share your information with any third party other than what is required to fulfill your requested interaction with us and we will make sure that we only deal with such parties that in turn refuse to share your information with others outside of the scope of servicing your interaction with us. All third parties will be listed below in relation to how they are used by us.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to anonymously track visitor usage of our sites. This works by setting a cookie (a small text file) in your browser that allows us to track the IP address of an internet connection as it moves about our site. It may also record certain technical details such as what browser and operating system is being used as well as whether the visitor arrived at our site via a link from somewhere else. However, it is important to note that neither Google nor we collect this data in a way that associates it with your personal identity. The information is collected and aggregated in order for us to see broad patterns of usage so that we can improve the usefulness and effectiveness of our sites.

If you wish, you can block even this anonymous tracking in your browser through disabling Javascript or cookies when visiting our sites. The methods of doing this vary by browser and operating system so consult your documentation.

Contact Us Form

Our websites have forms on them that allow you to request more information or initiate contact with our account support staff. This form requests certain personal contact information so that me may follow up on your request. This information is stored on our web server and is emailed to various employees of Photomation. There is also a checkbox indicating whether you would like to subscribe to our email newsletter, more about which follows.

Photomation Knowledge Bytes

Every week we send out an email to some of our customers entitled Photomation Knowledge Bytes which usually details a small case study of one of our more interesting orders. We do a lot of custom work at Photomation that often entails services that many of our customers have no idea we offer. This email is a way to better inform and perhaps inspire its readers to think of new ways to use our services.

We compile our email list from those persons who have specifically requested to receive our weekly mailing via the form on our websites or through the suggestions of our account executives on which of their customers they think might benefit from it. The names and email addresses are only those which have been provided to us by the customer. We do not sell or share our email lists with any third party marketers.

If you find yourself on our mailing list without wishing to be so, or for any reason decide you no longer wish to receive our mailing, please fill out and submit the form on our unsubscribe page.


WEBcourier is service provided by Photomation which allows customers to transfer digital files to us via the web. When signing up to use this service we ask for certain personal contact information as well as a password which is used along with your email address to login to the site. The information is stored digitally on our web server and is only accessible by employees of Photomation for the purposes of contacting you about your files. There is currently no way to view or edit the contact information yourself but if you send an email to support@photomation.com we will be glad to assist you in modifying or deleting your information.

WEBcourier collects other data from you as well, namely the files you send to us using the service. Files are transferred to Photomation via an unencrypted HTTP connection which means that your data is sent "in the clear" over the internet and is therefore theoretically susceptible to interception. These files are collected on a web sever at Photomation from which they are deleted after a few weeks. We endeavor to maintain security on our servers but no system is foolproof. You should think of the Webcourier as a bit more secure than sending an email attachment. For this reason, if you are sending truly sensitive data we encourage you to deliver it to us via other, more secure means. Email support@photomation.com for suggested alternatives.


If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or about anything else regarding our websites, please send them to support@photomation.com and we will do our best to answer them.

This privacy policy may expand in the future to reflect changes in our websites going forward .